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Coco Chanel, born Gabrielle Chanel was a genius style icon and designer born in 1893. Chanel’s journey to fame is one of inspired persistence. Sent to an orphanage Chanel learnt how to sew, and accompanied with a natural talent she was able to keep herself employed throughout her youth.

Her name change, to Coco, came about from a short stint as a singer. Her fashion career was funded by her first lover whom she left for his wealthier friend, making sure she got herself and her designs into the right doors and into commercial success.

Chanel had legions of followers who would emulate her unique and practical style, she cemented trousers into female fashion, made suntans fashionable and created successfully branded perfume. What’s more we have the fashionista to thank for some beautiful pieces of costume jewellery, Chanel was rarely seen without affordable piles of faux pearls round her neck.

When it comes to iconic pieces it doesn’t get better then a tweed Chanel suit. The material was traditionally used for men’s clothes but Chanel noticed the feel of it would suit her designs. The result was a timeless statement to a woman’s sophistication. The suit was woven permanently into fashion history when it was worn by the very stylish Jaqueline Kennedy. Known for her taste in fashion the first lady was always adorned in quality designs that made her a political fashion icon. This stood true on the day of her husband, president John F Kennedy’s assassination – she was wearing a double-breasted, strawberry pink and navy trim collared suit. That pink Chanel suit has been a design source of inspiration to this very day.