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Christian Dior

The Dior house has been a leading brand in the fashion industry for almost 70 years. The name is synonymous with class, elegance and timeless designs. The legend that is Christian Dior began in 1947 in Paris, the effects of World War II still etched into society. Regardless Christian released his spring/summer collection ‘The New Look’ to historic acclaim. Christian’s flared skirts and cinched waist designs were daring and revolutionary, finally bringing femininity back to post-war womenswear. The historic legacy left behind saw his house the most successful of the post-war era, putting Paris back in the centre of the fashion world.

The “Zemire” evening dress by Christian Dior in 1954 and modelled by Renee – Photographed by Regina Relang is one of the most iconic images of Dior from the very early days.

After the passing of Christian Dior, the house has had many great designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Bohan leading it into the modern day. They ensured the Dior house would be entrenched at the forefront of the new age of fashion. Under the guidance of creative director Gianfranco Ferré the 1994 Dior workshop created The Lady Dior tote bag. This iconic bag was gifted to Princess Diana, and was snapped over and over again as her favourite arm piece.